The regional economic conveyor project

History: - it exists for now 19 years - carried on regional economic sponsors in the State of Brandenburg. The administrative districts Barnim and Uckermark are the initiators of the stock exchange for enterprise information. A moved development with up to 22 German and Polish administrative districts followed as active partners in 2009 and at that time to more than 4,000 entries. Also this project is no self-running! The stock exchange is based on the regional confession of public project bearers of the support of the regional economy. This confession of the support of the regional enterprise communication is connected with personnel and material expenditure. With various former project bearers this fact led to the project climbing out.

Today: In 2018 the offer-stock exchange is still carried by two active regional editors and approx. 550 enterprises directly. All together approx. 1,200 active enterprise entries are to be registered in May, 2018.
The system administration and the care of the administrative district Barnim occurs through the WITO Barnim GmbH. The municipal community European region inc. POMERANIA protects the editorial staff in the north-east of Germany with the SBC - service and consultation centrums in Greifswald, Neubrandenburg and Schwedt/or. These public service facilities also carried by the administrative districts use the stock exchange also as tools for the contact preparation.

Potential: Experiences from the sponsorship in the administrative district Barnim prove that the integration and use of the stock exchange contributes in public offers of information to the rise of the attraction and the use (examples: To boar's wood, Bernau). The enlarged use in the area of the professional force protection (training period stock exchange) has also run on the basis of other competing public offers negatively.
After evaluation of the long-standing operational experiences is to be gone out furthermore from an economic-supporting effect. The stock exchange shows ideal tools for the support of the regional economic communication. Economic sponsors can use this base service specifically and develop. The rising portion of own editors lies with nearly 50%. This long-term public-private cooperation in a communication project is excelled in the area of the tourism marketing.

Development: The WITO Barnim GmbH has gone in 2017/18 with the technically absolutely necessary reworking of the program-technical base to payment in advance. The conversion of the user and editorial staff surface occurs till the middle of 2018.